We customize programs for 5 - 10 year olds

We want to allow our young ones the opportunity to enjoy the sport of archery too! Our class size will be very small and the targets are small also! Our Little Gems program will require an adult to be in attendance. You can take part in the sport with your Little Gem or sit on the side and watch. Either way, we ensure your child will have a great time!

Little Gems can nock their own arrows!

  • We watch each participant while they are shooting
  • We teach the younger students to shoot three fingers under the arrows
  • Some students will use no-gloves on their bows
  • Some students prefer to shoot with out no-gloves
  • At all times, we are facing the student until they are comfortable with us in a secondary coaching position

Little Gems Group Session​

Yes, of course we give discounts when you bring a small group of students! You save 10 percent with the code, “Gems”.  We know archery is more fun with friends!